Whether you are a visitor, tourist or resident of Hong Kong, there will plenty to learn and experience on my workshops. Not only will you be guided to some of the most interesting and photogenic areas of Hong Kong, you’ll also be given photography tips from a pro! (If you need them of course!).

Beginning with an introduction to the sights and districts of Hong Kong, we'll then take a quick look at a Photography Tips presentation using my own images from Hong Kong to look at composition and inspire creativity during our workshop together.

We will then head into the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong streets, markets, temples, old or contemporary architecture, viewpoints or another themed workshop you may have chosen. A detailed itinerary will be sent out once the kind of workshop has been selected by you. The workshop will be tailored to your skill level or interest so that you will get the best experience out of the session. Professional guidance and opinion can be given to aid composition or creativity with pointers about what to shoot if needed.

The choice of workshops are:
Temples; Streets; Markets; Old Hong Kong and Contemporary Architecture.

Duration: 3 hours (start time can be flexible)

1 person - £100 / US$130 / €110
2 people - £180 / US$230 / €200
3 people - £250 / US$320 / €280
4 people - £320 / US$400 / €360

A cafe break is optional, but your coffee or drink will be included in the price!
Professional guidance and tips to help you compose your images.

What to bring: Hat (if sunny and hot), water, comfortable clothes for walking, camera, your creativity.

A single workshop may be chosen or can combined with another workshop - the sessions can be tailor made for your own needs. Whichever workshop you chose or combined, expert insider advice and knowledge will be provided to find the best angles to help compose images, to uncover lesser known and secret places away from the crowds and to experience the sights, sounds and photographic opportunities that Hong Kong offers. Please email me at for further information.

Please go to the Gallery section, click on the Workshops gallery to find out more information about each workshop. You can book a workshop by ordering from the drop down list - there are reductions for groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.